Kathiann M. Kowalski is the author of 22 books and approximately 600 articles. A partial list of recent titles includes:

Selected Articles:
“An Ivy League Forest.” American Forests, January 2013.
“Biomedical Imaging: A Close-Up Look at Life.” Odyssey, January 2013.
“Keeping Time.” Odyssey, September 2012.
“Extreme Weather: A Glimpse of Things To Come?” Odyssey, March 2012.
“Where Does Your Food Come From?” Current Health Teens, February 2012.
“Human Power: Biking the Great Divide.” YES Mag, January-February 2012.
“Protect Your Privacy Online.” Current Health Teens, December 2011.
“Steller’s Sea Cows: Found, then Lost.” YES Mag, November/December 2011.
“Radiation: What You Need To Know.” Current Health Teens and Current Health Kids, October 2011.
“Is Addiction in Your Genes?” Odyssey, September 2011.
“The Buzz about Stinging Bees and Wasps.” YES Mag, July-August 2011.
“Blowout!” Odyssey, January 2011.
“Oceans of Trouble.” Current Health Teens, October 2010.
“The Science of Magic.” YES Mag, May/June 2010.

Selected Books:
Alternative Energy Sources. Marshall Cavendish.
The Everything Kids’ Nature Book. Adams Media Corporation.
Evolution on Trial: From the Scopes “Monkey” Case to Inherit the Wind. Enslow.
A Pro/Con Look at Homeland Security: Safety vs. Liberty After 9/11. Enslow.
National Health Care. Marshall Cavendish.
Attack of the Superbugs: The Crisis of Drug-Resistant Diseases. Enslow.
Order in the Court: A Look at the Judicial Branch. Lerner Publications.
Global Warming. Marshall Cavendish.


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