Summa Cum Latte brings you fun and interesting things to ponder as you sip your coffee, milkshake, iced tea, or whatever. Many posts will spotlight science news. Other posts will explore different subjects or life in general.

Check back at least weekly for some thought-provoking news and ideas. Better yet, subscribe free via RSS feed. Also, feel free to contribute to the discussion with your own observations and ideas about posts. Enjoy!

Summa Cum Latte is brought to you by Kathiann M. Kowalski. Kathi is an experienced journalist who writes on a wide range of topics. To date, she has written 22 books and approximately 600 articles and stories.

Kathi obtained her Bachelor’s degree in political science from Hofstra University and her law degree from Harvard Law School, where she served on the Harvard Law Review. Kathi has been a Science Journalism Fellow in the biomedical and environmental hands-on lab programs at MBL in Massachusetts. She has also participated in a National Science Foundation-funded workshop on communicating climate change science. In addition to writing, Kathi has spent 15 years practicing law, with an emphasis on environmental issues, corporate matters, and litigation.

Kathi’s work has received honors from numerous organizations, including the ASPCA, Society of School Librarians International, National Science Teachers Association and Children’s Book Council. For more information, visit her website at http://kmkowalski.weebly.com/ .


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